Thank you for attending the 10th Texas Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Conferenceon February 21-22, 2020. You may now take the evaluation and claim your CME credit or Certificate of Attendance by following the steps below.

Go to:

·       Click the CME Portal tab (on the left).

·       Click the Sign In button (on the left).

·       Enter your e-mail address.

o   If you have previously attended any UT Health-sponsored educational activity, enter your password.

o   If this is your first time claiming credit for a UT Health-sponsored educational activity:

o   Click Create Account (you will be sent a numeric code via e-mail for you to log in).

o   Enter and re-enter the email code. Click Submit.

o   Create your 6 characters long password. Click Submit.

o   Sign in using your email address and newly created password.

o   Update your Profile with required information.

·       Click Evaluate Course/Print Certificate (on the left).

·       Click “Claim Credit” under 10th Texas Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Conference

Link to available handouts is: